75 per cent of Adwords campaigns are Enhanced

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Three quarters of active Adwords accounts are already Enhanced

Google CEO Larry page noted in a recent quarterly call that 75 per cent of Adwords campaigns have migrated to Enhanced.

Three quarters of Adwords users have chosen to make the switch prior to the deadline when Google will automatically update all other campaigns.

When talking in the earnings call, Page said: "Advertisers have upgraded 6 million campaigns, that's almost 75 per cent of all their active campaigns."

This figure provides insight into the number of active Adwords campaigns currently in existence.

It also demonstrates how Enhanced has been welcomed and adopted by users. Designed to make advertising simple and straightforward, it provides the advertiser with an increased level of control so that they have a greater opportunity to target the right consumer with the most relevant ad.

Find out about how Enhanced Campaigns will impact on your business in our recent blog on the update.

More news from the earnings call

Larry Page announced profits of $9.7bn (£6.4bn) over the second quarter, up 16 per cent from the previous year. He also noted that advertising revenue had increased by 15 per cent. The majority of the revenue came through mobile adverts, which have lower rates than PCs, which could have been the cause for Google missing out on profit expectations.

Page implied that Google is embracing the challenge of the industry switch to mobile advertising as he said: "The shift from one screen to multiple screens and mobility creates tremendous opportunity for Google."

Natalie Booth, head of SEO at theEword, said: "As an increased number of consumers are searching on tablets and smartphones, mobile advertising has become more prevalent. Google is reacting to this change with Enhanced Campaigns, bringing together ads that are intended for mobile and PCs.