April 25, 2018

Digital copywriting 101: Why addressing your customers directly is crucial

Ever been in a shop, cafe, restaurant, or car dealership and been addressed as ‘the customer’ or..

April 24, 2018

5 things influencers look for in brand collaborations

It’s any influencer’s dream to work with brands they love; it’s not only a fun way for them to..

April 6, 2018

What Facebook removing third-party targeting means for your business

Facebook has made a decision to prevent advertisers using data from third-party sources such as..

April 6, 2018

Property Content Marketing: How to Turn Online Traffic into Occupancy

If you’re in the business of filling vacant properties, you’ll know that your sales team has to..

April 6, 2018

How to Write Exciting and Persuasive Content for Your Destination

Marketing a destination is slightly different to marketing a tangible product. This is because..

April 5, 2018

Digital Marketing Myths: What Should You Believe?

On the digital marketing grapevine, there are fictions that are often thought of as fact. All it..

March 28, 2018

7 Essential Ingredients You Need in your Marketing Strategy

A good digital marketing strategy is a bit like a recipe for your favourite dish. Each requires..

March 27, 2018

The Impact of Positive Language in Destination Marketing

There are many steps to creating the perfect destination-marketing campaign. You have to figure..

March 26, 2018

Short and sweet or bigger and better? – a study into tweet length

Twitter has recently increased it's maximum character length from 140 to 280.

Using Manchester..

March 23, 2018

The Importance of SEO in the Property Sector

The UK property market is as strong as it’s ever been. Investment in commercial property rose..