Google to devalue doorway pages

By Andy Williams topicIcon Google, Online Marketing, Search News

Google has announced an update to its ranking algorithm that will devalue doorway pages within search results, reducing the impact of Webspam on users.

Doorways are pages within websites specifically created to rank highly on search engines for exact search queries.

The sites are used to maximise the “search footprint” of a website, and according to Google, the multiple domains or near identical pages clog up SERPs and diminish user experience.

In its quality guidelines, Google adds that doorways are bad for users because in many cases, they don’t offer unique value, and ultimately draw users to the same destination.

Brian White of the Google Webspam Team said they can be “a really frustrating experience” for users; hence the action they’ve taken to hit websites that currently use and depend on well-structured doorway campaigns in their online marketing.

There was no indication of when the move will happen, but in most cases Google introduces changes in the US before implementing them across other markets.

Does your website consist of doorway pages?

If you are unsure if your web pages are classed as doorways, Google suggests you ask the following questions of your website:

  • Is the content vital to user experience or used solely to direct traffic to your site?
  • Is the content written around specific subjects while being optimised for generic terms?
  • Is the information a reproduction of content located elsewhere on the website for the purpose of drawing in more traffic?
  • Are there links from other pages on the site or are they standalone “island” pages created just for search engines?

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