9 Great Content Marketing Campaigns Targeting British Families

So many brands are competing for the attention of parents today, it can be hard to stand out and be the company that families know, trust and ultimately buy from.

In this blog post, we discuss nine great content marketing campaigns that specifically target families. We analyse how these businesses gain the confidence of their target audience, promote their brand and secure leads that turn into important sales.

REI: Opt Outside

 9 Great Content Marketing Campaigns Targeting British Families

Controversially, the outdoor leisure equipment and clothing brand REI announced that they would be closing their stores on Black Friday in 2015. They set up a social media campaign where they encouraged staff (who had the day off) and customers to enjoy an outdoor activity with their families, instead of heading to the shops and experiencing the madness of Black Friday.

The campaign really caught on, with families posting images of themselves enjoying outdoor activities and using the hashtag #OptOutside. They continued the campaign over the following years and the trend is proving to be as popular as ever.

Hotel Tonight: Visit, Don’t Stay

 9 Great Content Marketing Campaigns Targeting British Families

Hotel booking service Hotel Tonight used humour and imagery to capture the imagination of parents during the school holidays. They played on the fact that families don’t always want to spend a lot of time with their extended relatives.

Hotel Tonight released a series of funny memes depicting dreaded family members and in-laws who people would have to stay with whilst visiting them, if they didn’t book a hotel. The campaign got a great response on social media, with a high amount of shares and engagement.


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Visit Wales: Explore Wales

 9 Great Content Marketing Campaigns Targeting British Families - See more at: https://theeword.co.uk/?p=14321&preview=true#sthash.jymDo3nR.dpuf

Welsh tourism board, Visit Wales has a great website that’s easy to navigate and provides plenty of content that showcases the best that the country has to offer. The Explore Wales section is particularly good, as visitors can filter the activities they’d like to experience by area.

When people select the area they want to visit, a plethora of articles appears telling visitors all about the best family activities they can experience in that particular place, from the best eateries and historical sites to family fun and hidden gems. By doing this, Visit Wales are providing their potential customers with all the information they need and encouraging them to visit a wide range of places.

Haven: #WhereAreWeWednesday

 9 Great Content Marketing Campaigns Targeting British Families

Family holiday provider Haven have conducted some fantastic Facebook activity recently. By taking great photographs of the beautiful beaches close to their resorts and their exciting holiday parks, they are using visual marketing very well.

After taking a high quality photo, they upload it to their social media accounts and use the hashtag #WhereAreWeWednesday, asking their followers to guess which beautiful place the image is from. By doing this, they are reminding people in England that Haven have some fantastic resorts in beautiful areas.

Forest Holidays: Easter in the Forest

 9 Great Content Marketing Campaigns Targeting British Families

Forest Holidays have been taking note of important family events and launching social media campaigns around them. For example, during the Easter holidays they promote their guide to Easter in the Forest on Facebook and offer coupons that can be used to get a discounted holiday during the high season.

Forest Holidays are tapping into important events in the family calendar, providing potential customers with useful content and turning them into leads by offering them a coupon.

Luxury Family Hotels: Blogging

 9 Great Content Marketing Campaigns Targeting British FamiliesLuxury Family Hotels have a great blog, which they update regularly. Always bearing their target audience in mind, they write about everything UK families would need to know when planning a holiday. From the best things to see and do in Cornwall and the postnatal activities offered at their resorts, to how to plan a multi-generational holiday and how to keep fit on a family break - they have an article that would appeal to every parent in the UK.

By maintaining a great blog that always speaks to the target audience, Luxury Family Hotels are constantly producing content that their future customers will find on Google.

Baby Friendly Boltholes: Great Website Navigation

 9 Great Content Marketing Campaigns Targeting British Families

Sometimes, the best way to ensure that you’re getting conversions is by simply checking that your website design and navigation is up to scratch and in line with the needs of your target audience. Baby Friendly Boltholes does exactly that.

Straight away, visitors are greeted with images and headings that offer the pages they are likely to need, such as self-catering holidays, B&Bs, ski chalets and overseas hotels. In addition to this, visitors have the option to search for their ideal holiday using the filtered search function. These simple but effective features mean that visitors are much more likely to convert and buy from the brand

Visit Scotland: Holiday Itineraries

 9 Great Content Marketing Campaigns Targeting British Families

Visit Scotland have tapped into parents’ desires to keep their kids entertained on holiday, while having a great time themselves. By creating daily itineraries for holidays in Scotland, they have found a way to be relevant and engaging to their target audience.

National Trust: 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾

 9 Great Content Marketing Campaigns Targeting British Families

The National Trust have found a great way to interact with children and show parents their sites  are ideal spaces for play and development. They created an engaging list of things children should do before they reach the grand age of 11 ¾.

On this page, they advertise the fun events and activities that children and families can take part in across the country at National Trust Heritage Sites. From nature trails and canoeing, to outdoor activities and family walks; this guide is great for families and encourages them to take advantage of National Trust sites.

Appealing to Families

All of the campaigns in this article are unique and successful in their own right, but they have three key things in common: they are informative, inspirational and fun.

By being informative, they take some of the stress out of organising family activities. By being inspirational they give families some real wanderlust, inspiring them to go to new places. By being fun, they show parents the relaxing and fun experiences they can have in their spare time, making them more likely to convert and become leads.

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