Naked Sex app con for iPhone

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Pornography moves to mobile

The iPhone App Store is offering an adult app named Naked Sex, but user reviews are suggesting it's a con.

Some of the most bizarre apps are available at the Apple App Store, and it is no surprise that app developers have turned to the pornography market to make money. The Naked Sex app, available in the App Store for $0.99 (£0.62), promises: "Naked sex, multiple adult visuals, audio, mature 17+ entertainment, easy navigation and much more!" Its description informs potential buyers that it is: "Designed for everyone who enjoys sex and masturbati*n."

However, user reviews suggest that the description is more than misleading. Many complaints gripe that downloaders have wasted their money, and that the app contains no naked footage at all. Instead, the only images are drawings of stick people in various sexual positions.

Sex sells

Many users appear to have expected more, and their disdain can be seen on user forums and social media sites. People are also questioning how it managed to pass Apple's approval process, which seeks to clean the App Store of poor quality apps.

As the app market grows it will open up the temptation for app creators to make products that promise more than they deliver and the lucrative industry of pornography will be an easy target for this. Moreover, it could become harder for the app sites to police new apps and quality vet them all. All of which will make it even more important for users to read reviews prior to downloading new apps.