Google Wallet checkout for mobile websites

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Mobile shopping made simple

Google Wallet has been expanded so consumers can use the checkout service for mobile web purchases.

From a recent SeeWhy study, Google found that 97 percent of mobile shoppers choose to leave their shopping cart during the payment process. As many checkout services aren't optimised for smaller screens, users are often required to type in multiple details on their small keyboards or touchscreens.

Google Wallet aims to better the mobile shopping experience by making the process more simple and secure. As personal information is saved to a Wallet account, consumers don't need to enter their details for every mobile web purchase.

Barak Turovsky, head of mobile commerce at Google Wallet, said in a recent Google Commerce blog post: "Simply click the Buy with Google Wallet button, log into Google Wallet and click to complete your order. That's it -- you're done in 3 steps."

Google Wallet credit cards

It has been suggested that Google is set to expand its Wallet service even further, providing users with a physical card for their actual wallet. According to Android Police, who heard the news from an anonymous tipster, the Google Wallet card is expected to link to accounts so that users can make payments when they are unable to tap and pay.

Kleon West, business development manager at theEword, said: "As Google has expanded the focus for its Wallet checkout service, it has been able to create a more comprehensive digital payment service that allows users to pay both online and in store simply and securely."