Coca-Cola on mobile marketing

Coca-Cola addresses mobile marketing metrics

A senior Coca-Cola digital marketing executive has talked about tracking the success of mobile ad campaigns.

Carol Kruse, vice president of global interactive marketing at Coca-Cola, told eMarketer there are a "perfectly adequate" range of engagement metrics to see how consumers get involved with many mobile marketing campaigns. As examples, she said clients can measure the number of participants interacting with the brand, the amount of time spent and whether they are repeat visitors.

However, Ms Kruse acknowledged that the measurement of mobile marketing becomes more difficult when the campaign is promoting new products such as Coca-Cola's vitaminwater. In these circumstances, there are often less tangible aims like raising brand awareness and recall. And this means there is not "one pat answer" to track the overall impression on consumers.

Condemnation for intrusive mobile marketing

It was also pointed out that mobile marketing metrics must avoid being intrusive or they could alienate consumers who were initially positive about the brand. "We don't want to disrupt that consumer's experience," she said. "If we're going to be there with our brands, we want to be enhancing the experience."

Many companies are now waking up to the potential of mobile. The UK Association of Online Publishers recently asked members from across print, TV, radio and the internet which business areas had the biggest growth opportunities over the next year. According to the Census Content and Trends Survey 2009, the mobile web was the number one response with 85 per cent support, well ahead of user-generated content with 75 per cent and high-speed broadband with 75 per cent.