Big companies get behind mobile marketing

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Increased interest in mobile marketing

A new study has shown that over 90 per cent of the planet's biggest brands have launched mobile applications, indicating a high level of confidence in marketing via mobile technology.

Analytics business Distimo looked at the world's top 100 companies, based on Interbrand's 2011 Best Global Brands list, and found that 91 per cent of them have created apps available for use through major mobile app stores.

Media companies lead the way, but the spread of sectors is diverse, with entertainment conglomerate Disney, car manufacturer BMW, drinks giant Coca-Cola and technology corporation IBM among the companies to have a presence in at least one mobile shop.

The data also reveals how major brands view the marketing potential of different smartphones, with 86 per cent being available via iPhone, 59 per cent via Android and 26 per cent via Blackberry. Only 9 per cent have invested in Nokia apps.

Quality must also be considered

Issues such as quality and user engagement are not assessed by the report, which deals only with numbers - but it does indicate that interest in mobile marketing has soared, as a similar survey 18 months ago showed that only 51 per cent of companies had invested in the same way.

"This report reveals that the 2011 best global brands have realised over the past 18 months that app stores offer a viable channel to promote their brand, reach consumers and, for a subset of brands, sell content," stated the report.

Brands not yet using mobile apps to promote their services include bank HSBC, designer fashion line Burberry and champagne purveyor Moet & Chandon.

"The rate of increase in use of mobile marketing is very steep," said Mark Baker, online marketing manager at theEword.

"We know from being involved in the industry and talking to our clients that mobile marketing moves fast and can be a great way of engaging people. However, quality is important. It's no good developing mobile sites and features for the sake of having them - it is essential that they work well enough to properly attract and retain users."