Apple iPhone 4S leaves users underwhelmed

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iPhone event leaves some users wanting more

Apple's eagerly anticipated "Lets Talk iPhone" event last night left many spectators underwhelmed. After months of speculation and anticipation regarding the potential new iPhone 5, users were instead presented with the iPhone 4S.

It was left to Apple's new CEO Tim Cook, who took over from Steve Jobs back in August 2011, to announce the modifications to the world's best selling smartphone. The new product, an updated version of the iPhone 4 which was originally released 15 months ago, was described as "entirely new from the inside".

Within minutes of the product's launch, Apple's share price fall by almost 5 per cent, believed to be a result of investors and fans expecting more than a simple refresh of the popular product. However, market confidence seemed to regain as Apple share price almost fully recovered, down by 0.6 per cent on closing yesterday.

iPhone 4S finally revealed

The new model has several new features contained within the original frame. The old camera has been replaced by an 8-megapixel camera with 60 per cent more pixels than the iPhone 4 creating better, clearer pictures. The improved lens also allows users to record videos in 1080p HD resolution.

The new A5 chip, the same as used in the iPad 2, delivers up to two times more power and up to seven times faster graphics. This makes the new model quicker and more responsive than previous generations, enhancing the user's experience when launching apps, browsing the web, gaming or undertaking routine tasks. The iPhone 4S also comes with iOS 5, with more than 200 new features including Notification centre, iMessage and iCloud. The latest additions to the iPhone are set to make the new model the most powerful yet.

One of the most interesting features of the product is the inclusion of Siri. The program, described as 'The intelligent assistant that helps you get things done', began life as a third-party app, acquired by Apple in 2010. The software allows users to give the device voice commands for routine tasks such as making phone calls, sending messages, scheduling meetings or setting reminders, and the phone will execute these automatically.

Meanwhile, the announcement of a HTC privacy issue could turn out to be good news for Apple. The security risk is said to leave the user's personal information vulnerable, including GPS location history, SMS data and phone logs. This issue may cause potential HTC customers to opt for the new iPhone 4S, increasing Apple's dominance of the smartphone market.