Analyst spurs further iPhone 5 rumours

The current iPhone 5 rumours

A Jefferies & Company analyst has predicted that the iPhone 5, suspected to launch in autumn, is set to be a thinner, faster model that will have greater success than any of its predecessors.

Peter Misek, a Jefferies & Company analyst, has suggested that there will be few cosmetic changes to the iPhone 5. The screen will be slightly larger than the iPhone 4, use the same processor as the iPad 2 and have a thinner profile than any previous Apple smartphone.

However Misek has predicted that the biggest change will be in the number of iPhones sold. He suggested that there will be 26 million new devices purchased in the first three months due to Apple accumulating a selection of new carriers. It is rumoured that Apple will be launching the iPhone 5 with both T-Mobile and Sprint. Misek stated: "We also expect an iPhone launch at China Telecom (with 108 million subscribers) in the first quarter of 2012." This partnership with the world's largest mobile phone carrier may result in Apple enjoying increased sales of its new smartphone.

Apple and its hype

The widely anticipated and talked-about unveiling of the iPhone 5 is yet another Apple launch that has gathered an array of rumours. Kleon West, business development manager at theEword said: "Apple has the ability to whip up great interest regarding its future devices. Its ability to generate hype and provide the right snippets of information ensures that consumers are interested in its upcoming products."