theEweekly Wrap: Steve Jobs biopic, social network woes and smartphone sales

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Sorkin to write Steve Jobs biopic Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin is to the pen the script for an upcoming Steve Jobs biopic. The film will be based on the authorised biography written by Walter Isaacson which details the life of the Apple co-founder. Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal has commented on the announcement, stating: "In his hands, we're confident that the film will be everything that Jobs himself was: captivating, entertaining and polarising."

Another film dedicated to Steve Jobs is currently in the process of being filmed. This onscreen biopic is being directed by Joshua Michael Stern while Ashton Kutcher plays the former Apple chief executive. Work began last month and images from the movie set show Kutcher dressed in Jobs' iconic black turtleneck, blue jeans and trainers.

No comments Google+ users are unengaged with the social network, according to research by RJ Metrics. The report shows that interaction with the service is declining as 30 per cent of users who make a public post never do so again. Also, other findings show that the average time between posts is 12 days, the average Google+ post has less than one reply, reshare or +1 and the average number of public posts per user is declining month by month.

However, Google has commented that the report offers a skewed picture due to its concentration on public posts. In a statement to Fast Company, a Google spokesperson said: "As we’ve said before, more sharing occurs privately to circles and individuals than publicly on Google+. The beauty of Google+ is that it allows you to share privately–you don’t have to publicly share your thoughts, photos or videos with the world."

Android up Android smartphone sales have grown considerably over the past year, according to a report published by Garner. The results show that Android now accounts for 56 per cent of world smartphone shipments. Last year, Android phones held 36.4 per cent of the smartphone market. Following sales of 81 million devices over the past year, Android has now become the market leader.

Within the report, Garner also found that Apple has grown considerably over the past year, increasing from a 16.9 per cent hold to 22.9. However, the research showed that Research In Motion (RIM) has endured a bad year as its shipments have fallen from 13 million to 9.9 million, leaving the company with a 6.9 percent share of the market.