theEweekly Wrap: Plus ones, predictions and partnerships

PPC plus Google's +1 recommending button has begun appearing on PPC ads in the UK, as announced in an official blog post on Monday. This will allow users to recommend an ad or a company to their Google+ contacts. However, it's possible that this is the latest in a string of improvements to PPC ad relevance; the ad's +1 total could be used in the Quality Score algorithm to determine its ranking, although this has not been confirmed by the search giant.

The Google+ social network unveiled a search function recently, which this week began displaying real time results. Hashtags have also begun appearing as links, which allow the user to click to search for other posts mentioning that subject, just like Twitter. This comes after Google and Twitter failed to renew their search agreement in July, leading to Google Realtime Search going offline. Meanwhile, Google+ gained a high profile user on Wednesday: Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman and former CEO.

The Facebook fortune Facebook UK is set to bring in record profits this year, according to Ian Maude at Enders Analysis. The analyst told MediaWeek that the UK office looks set to rack up revenues of over £180 million in 2011, an 80 per cent year-on-year growth. That figure is predicted to increase past £250 million in 2012, driven predominantly by display advertising sales. Maude commented: "Facebook now accounts for the majority of net online display growth in the UK. The really interesting question now is when will they start monetising mobile? They currently have no ads in the space but it can only be a matter of time."

However, it's not just Facebook UK reaping the rewards of social advertising. A report from Gartner this week revealed that revenue for social media sites worldwide will be $10 billion (£6.4 billion) this year, an increase of over 40 per cent on 2010. It's safe to assume Facebook is playing a large part in this boom, having surpassed 800 million members in September, and after being valued at £32 billion in January 2011.

BluesTube Manchester City Football Club has signed a content deal with YouTube, the first such commercial partnership with a Premier League club. The channel (MCFCofficial) will enable the football club to share their rights-owned videos or any media created in-house by the CityTV production team. Unfortunately for fans, footage of football matches will not be uploaded due to rights restrictions.

Crucially, the announcement on Tuesday also revealed that Manchester City will be able to control what advertising is used, and around which content. It has not been revealed how much the club paid for this privilege, or how revenue generated from advertising space will be split. Manchester City's head of digital Richard Ayers said: "The ability to extend our reach and to increase accessibility to audiences is great, but we’re also looking forward to exploring the differentiating factors of YouTube, like using annotations, making bespoke interactive video and, more than anything else, becoming part of the thriving YouTube community."