theEweekly Wrap: Apple, Firefox and Street View

Firefox goes Bing The upcoming build of Firefox 4 for PC and Mac will feature Microsoft search engine Bing as a default search option. Mozilla's open-source browser is the second most popular in the world, and has a long history of co-operation with Google.

Firefox currently boasts 31.5 per cent of the browser market share, with current versions featuring Google as the default search engine. Internet Explorer, which in version 9 automatically uses Bing through the combined search and address bar, dropped just below 50 per cent market share this week, for the first time since records began.

Apple in patents row Apple is currently involved in two copyright lawsuits that could see the software giant coughing up over $600 million (£390 million). Mirror Worlds alleged that Apple has infringed four of its patents, and on October 1st a US jury found Apple guilty in three of these cases. If Apple pays the $208.5 million (£1.3 million) in damages per patent, it will be one of the biggest fines in US legal history.

Motorola Mobility is also taking Apple to court over a total of 18 mobile technology patents. This is the latest in a string of copyright lawsuits this year, such as Apple suing HTC, and Microsoft taking Motorola to court.

Online ads boom There was good news for digital marketing agencies everywhere this week as the IAB revealed a 10 per cent increase in the UK's online adspend. The amount spent on online ads between January and June 2010 was £2 billion, almost a quarter of the UK's total marketing spend of £8.1 billion. Factors contributing to the growth include a boom in social media marketing and viral video ads.

Paid search advertising such as PPC made up almost 60% of the figure, whilst classifieds and lead generation contributed another 20%. Display ads such as banners were responsible for the last 20%, but of the £381 million spent, just 13% was spent on social media display ads.

Street View censored Just a week after Google Street View launched coverage of Brazil, it has had to remove some gruesome images. Complaints were received when users discovered an image of a dead body covered by black plastic and surrounded by police on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, whilst another apparently lay on the side of the road with no bystanders or covering.

Two examples of men pulling 'moonies' in Ireland were also censored, whilst Google have received several complaints from people who can be seen in states of undress, or under the influence. More bizarre moments captured on the service include a house fire in Arkansas, two Norwegians in scuba gear chasing the photography car, and the infamous Horse Boy.