theEweekly Wrap 12 July 2009

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A number of laptop developers have agreed to produce netbooks which use the new Google Chrome operating system.

Acer, Asus, Freescale, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba are among companies that have signed up to design and build laptops capable of using the OS from the search engine.

A statement of the Google blog has also confirmed the search company are working closely with Adobe on the production of the system. Adobe are responsible for the popular online tool Flash.

Jackson memorial boosts web traffic

The memorial of pop singer Michael Jackson drew a 19 per cent rise in global web traffic. The televised tribute concert was streamed live on a number of different websites, including the BBC, CNN and Fox News. A statement from the BBC said the live coverage of the event was accessed over 410,000 times in the United Kingdom.

American news channel CNN partnered with social media site Facebook to cover the memorial. The collaboration gave users the opportunity to watch the live coverage while simultaneously updating their personal status. It is reported that the memorial service inspired over 6,000 status updates per minute.

Page-turner: US Department of Justice to investigate Google book deal

The Department Of Justice in the United States is to conduct an investigation into the proposed deal between Google and the US publishing industry.

The US Department of Justice has confirmed it is conducting a formal investigation to ascertain whether or not the arrangement could be considered anti-competitive. Millions of book titles would be digitised and available for search, purchase and download from Google if the scheme goes ahead.

Authors’ Guild Director Paul Aiken declared the project “the biggest book deal in US publishing history,” while Sergey Brin of Google called it a “great leap.”

Brin, co-founder of the search giant, expressed every confidence that the deal would go ahead.

Popularity contest

The social networking site Twitter has banned a social marketing campaign from appearing in the top ten ‘Trending Topics’.

The web design agency Moonfruit offered Twitter users the chance to win one of 10 MacBook Pros if they used a #Moonfruit tag in their updates. The campaign quickly made its way to the top of Twitter’s trend topic list after word of the competition spread through Twitter community.

The #Moonfruit tag has since been removed from Twitter’s trend topics list. Wendy Tan, marketing director of Moonfruit, said the campaign had been removed without notice.

She commented:

“If Twitter had come to us and said enough is enough, then we would have worked with it to limit the campaign, or complied with whatever it was demanding. However, they've pulled the trending without explanation or communication, which sets rather a different tone.”