.XXX domain registration has begun

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Benefits of .XXX

The launch of the new .XXX domain is set to provide a more user-friendly browsing experience as it will allow people to easily avoid any adult content.

After receiving approval from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, .XXX was launched yesterday under the administration of ICM Registry. The company behind the top level domain believes that this will help to create a responsible approach to adult content. Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICM Registry, stated: "We believe .XXX creates a "win, win, win" situation, with benefits for consumers of adult material, for adult entertainment providers and for those wishing to avoid adult content."

People are currently buying up .XXX domains for a plethora of reasons. Some companies are making the purchase in an attempt to restrict any other party from using their names alongside the new domain. Obtaining the new suffix will also enable businesses to redirect any traffic from .XXX straight to their .com domain. However adult-based websites will be buying .XXX in the prospect that it will drive more traffic to their site. ICM Registry is completely banning the use of celebrity names to prevent any unnecessary embarrassment.

A lucrative domain

ICM Registry will be withholding a number of the associative terms which you would expect to find alongside .XXX. The company will sell these off at auction, and are likely to make money from the deals as sex industry terms are lucrative domains to hold. The sale of sex.com domain last year highlights how profitable the online adult industry is as the name went for $16 million (£10 million).

Adrian Mursec, senior developer of theEword, stated: "The development of a new web domain completely associated with adult content with help to improve the browsing experience of all internet users. People will be able to completely avoid adult content because the domain will clearly flag what to expect."