Wikimedia launches Beta Features

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Wikimedia launches Beta Features

Wikimedia has launched a beta program that provides users with a chance to test out new features before everyone else.

Simply named Beta Features, the program gives logged-in users the opportunity to take part in early testing on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites. These include, and Wikimedia Commons, with Beta Features set to be rolled out across all other sites in two weeks.

Beta Features will see developers roll out any new software, allowing users to try them out and offer feedback on how Wikimedia can improve the upcoming features.

Beta features currently in process

Wikimedia is trying out four different beta features this week, which include:

  • Media Viewer: This new tool has been designed to provide a richer multimedia experience, displaying images in larger sizes on pages that have thumbnail pictures.
  • Typography Refresh: Designed to make text more readable and accessible, text is updated to serif fonts on headings and san-serif in body text.
  • VisualEditor: The editor tool aims to make it easy to edit pages, without having to learn any wiki code.
  • VisualEditor formulae editing: The formula editing plug-in has been introduced to provide support when creating and editing mathematical formulae when working on pages.

Users can test these features and leave comments on the discussion page, or the discussion page set up for each feature, while technical bugs can be reported in Bugzilla.

Daniel Nolan, managing director at theEword, has said: "Wikimedia is dedicated to the creation and distribution of free and educational content. Beta Features gives the organisation an opportunity to provide this content in a helpful, well-designed online environment, which has been thoroughly tested and fully optimised for user enjoyment and engagement."