VO5 and Brit Awards team up for Twitter Amplify video

By Danielle Middleton topicIcon Internet News

British brands enter Twitter Amplify partnership

VO5 and the Brit Awards have formed a partnership, and become the first British brands to use Twitter's Amplify video programme.

The union is set to produce exclusive video content of the Brit Awards, which airs live on Wednesday 19th February. VO5 will sponsor the Brits' official Twitter player to feature between three and eight second pre- and post video clips during the 60 to 90 second video tweets.

What is Twitter Amplify?

Twitter Amplify is one of the social network's latest products which enjoyed varying success in the US throughout 2013, including partnering with ESPN and the NBA. The product allows brands and advertising partners to promote short television clips which are accompanied by an advert.

In an official blog post for Twitter, the company's Director of Promoted Content and Sponsorships Glenn Brown, said:

"Users receive spectacular, timely content that rounds out their TV experience or reminds them to tune in. Powered by Promoted Tweets, broadcasters reach new audiences and open up new business lines. Brand advertisers get, for the first time, an integrated cross-platform tool for reaching the social conversation wherever it happens."

How music fans will benefit

Fans can experience one of the most highly anticipated music events of the year thanks to the UK's first venture into multi-screen broadcasts. The full Brit Awards show will be broadcast live on ITV, while highlights from the night and before and after the ceremony will be used to boost awareness. Alongside the videos users should expect to see custom hashtags, adverts integrated into the videos and promoted tweets.

VO5 has also teamed up with Spotify for the event, having created a user-generated playlist which will be interspersed with VO5 adverts throughout the award ceremony.

Daniel Nolan, managing director at theEword said: "It's great to see UK brands finally jumping on the multi-screen band wagon, and VO5 have done so in an interactive and innovative way which is exactly what users are after.

"Brands need to be aware that few people focus on just one screen at a time these days, and most television viewers will be on their tablet or smartphone social networking at the same time. This means that using hashtags for adverts to get conversations started in the social space, as well as for television programmes, should come hand in hand with creating more opportunities for viewers to connect."