Twitter integrates with Amazon basket

Twitter and Amazon integrate

Social media platform Twitter and online shopping behemoth Amazon have begun a partnership which allows tweeters to instantly add items to their Amazon cart.

The integration makes use of the hashtag features from Twitter and combines this service with a synchronised Amazon account. When the accounts have been tied, which is completed in the social settings section of an Amazon account, users can send an #amazoncart reply to add any item appearing in a tweet to their Amazon cart.

In a video posted about the new service the online retailer promised a more fluid experience for users shopping online, it said there would be: "No more switching apps, typing passwords, or trying to remember items which you saw on Twitter."

Amazon has also said users need not worry about any inadvertent use of the new features or about problems concerning security, as the hashtag feature does not complete the purchase but simply places it in the basket where it can be finalised at a later time.

Boost for business

The addition of the new service may be part of an attempt to solve problems Twitter faces. In the final quarter of last year the platform suffered a drop in engagement, and though the number of active users has grown to 255 million in the first three months of 2014, Twitter still reported a net loss of $132m (£78m) for the first quarter of the year.

Speaking to the BBC Sanjana Chappalli, the Asia-Pacific head of a digital marketing firm named LEWIS Pulse, said that the additions to its service should help Twitter to engage its users, and in doing so should attract more advertisers to the platform.

Kleon West, business development director at theEword, said: "As Twitter seems to have a few growing pains right now we may see more ideas like this roll out over the next year. If they can provide handy features which promote business while being beneficial to user, then the platform will no doubt have a healthy future."