Streamlined version of Google images to launch

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Redesigned Google image search set for release

An official Google blog post has announced sweeping changes to the way image search works, with the process set to be significantly streamlined.

The search giant indicates that the redesigned image search process will have a positive impact for both users and webmasters, announcing a number of ways in which they believe website owners will benefit. These advantages to webmasters include:

  • Domain name next to image made clickable, as well as separate button to visit host website. Google tests resulted in higher click through rates to the website hosting the image in question.
  • The source page will no longer load up in a background window, reducing the strain on the hosting servers for the website.
  • Key information about the image will now be supplied in the search results directly, significantly increasing potential traffic.

One of the biggest concerns webmasters had about Google images were 'phantom visits' to their website, which Pierre Far, webmaster trends analyst for Google, says have been removed. He commented that overall, the redesigned image search would be a "net win" for webmasters.

Benefits of a streamlined image search for users

This is the first Google images update for some time, and is set to revolutionise the way internet users find their pictures. Google says that the process of searching for an image will become "faster, more beautiful, and more reliable".

One of the biggest changes Google users will notice is the ability to quickly flip through images using the keyboard, rather than scrolling through several pages of results to find the right picture. The details displayed about each image are now much more descriptive, which will be extremely helpful when searching for pictures of a certain size or type.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword says: "Google is a big part of internet users' lives, and any changes to the way they use the service are sure to be met with a lot of interest. The full extent of the impact this will have on the way we find our images is not yet clear, but it certainly appears to be positive progress for both users and webmasters alike."