Spotify set to stream live gig from London

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Spotify streams ahead with live show

An indie-electro event can be enjoyed by music fans in their own homes this Tuesday evening. One of the biggest music-streaming sites in Europe, Spotify, will branch out its service tonight by showing the first ever live gig to be played through its stream.

Performers include Stockport trio Delphic which will feature alongside The Naked and Famous, from New Zealand. Also playing will be Pony Pony Run Run.

The showcase, sponsored by Nissan Juke, will be streamed directly to computers from the Koko club in Camden, London. It's now sold out but online fans can watch the performance from 8pm on Tuesday, 5 April 2011.

La Roux will rouse the crowd with winning track

Elly 'La Roux' Jackson will end the proceedings with her own unique DJ set which will include a track from competition winner, Ben Daniels.

Over 10 million people on people in Europe now use Spotify and it's currently offering free seven-day trials of the ad-free premium service, which allows people to stream tunes through apps for the iPhone and Android.