Pirate Bay co-founder introduces Heml.is

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Heml.is - the untraceable messaging service

Peter Sunde is best known as the co-founder of Pirate Bay, the torrenting service which has proved extremely popular and controversial in equal measure. Now, he is working on a message service designed to put an end to government surveillance.

Surpassing the initial funding goal in less than a day, at the time of writing Heml.is has raised $$111,670 (£73,733) through the Kickstarter model. In a statement on their website, the team behind Heml.is explained the thinking behind their project, and what would make it a securer choice than the options currently available.

"Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Google have been forced to open up their systems and hand out information about their users. At the same time they have been forbidden to tell anyone about it! We're building a message app where no one can listen in, not even us. We would rather close down the service before letting anyone in."

Ducking government surveillance

There are already a number of similar messaging services available, including the highly popular WhatsApp. However, with useage of DuckDuckGo increasing dramatically in the wake of the PRISM scandal, an increased appetite for privacy appears to be spreading within the general public.

DuckDuckGo operates with similar principles to Heml.is, ensuring that no data is tracked for any search results, to the extent where they could not even provide the government with results if they wanted to. Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword commented: "While the success of DuckDuckGo is incredibly unlikely to ever come anywhere near that of Google or even the current main contender Bing, in just three years the service has gone from 30,000 searches a day to over three million. With funding continuing to flood in to the project, Heml.is could well become an extremely popular choice for those users looking for reassurances over safety in the near future".