iTunes Match beta available for developers

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The current iTunes Match beta

Apple launched the new iTunes 6.1 update with iTunes Match beta late on Monday 29 August 2011.

The iTunes Match enables users to place all of their music onto the iCloud, allowing them to play songs from any device at any time. Access to the new service will cost $24.99 (£15.31) for a 12 month subscription. Those developers who are purchasing the beta version will receive an extra 3 months free from Apple.

A source from AppleInsider found that some songs remain "greyed out" and cannot yet be played using the iTunes Match beta. However early teething problems within beta stages are common as the iCloud also experienced problems during its early release. A beta version enables Apple to highlight any errors and fix them before a service is made completely public.

The finished product

Apple is promoting iTunes Match as an efficient way of accessing music because users can store their entire catalogue, even the songs which they haven't bought from iTunes, on the iCloud. The iTunes Match examines which music is in the iTunes Store and then automatically adds the tunes to the storage system. Users only have to upload the songs which iTunes cannot match. These can then be accessed from any Apple device that is linked to the iCloud.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, stated: "Any development or update which means that the consumer enjoys an easier experience is essential as people want to receive a top quality service that adheres to their need for efficiency and speed."