Instagram and Vine hit by Amazon glitch

By Danielle Middleton topicIcon Internet News

Amazon fault takes out Instagram

Amazon's server in Virginia suffered a glitch on Sunday night that affected the availability of several social networks and other popular sites.

The problem was traced back to Amazon's Web Services in North Virginia which provides companies with online storage. The trouble began for users in America at 16:00 eastern time, and continued for several hours on Sunday evening; during this time users reported trouble with login pages while other pages were increasingly slow to update.

Popular websites including Instagram, Vine, Netflix and holiday site Airbnb are all users of Amazon's cloud network. Instagram was the first of the websites involved to acknowledge the issue as the app provider tweeted that access to its services was irregular; Vine, Netflix and Airbnb later made similar statements.

Amazon's fix

On the status page for its web services, Amazon stated on Sunday that it was investigating the problems at the Virginia data centre that were hitting the databases and software, that spread queries across the server as well as code controlling.

Once the problems had been resolved, Amazon released a further statement that the glitch was due to a "partial failure of a networking device", but has yet to release any further details.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword said: "This comes only a week after Amazon's North American web stores went offline for over half an hour.

"Amazon will now be under an increased amount of pressure to provide the top service they have committed to for their consumers on every level, as competitors will be keeping a keen eye out for opportunities to exploit any weaknesses."