Growing size of web pages revealed by Google

Web pages increasing in size

Google Analytics data has shown significant increases in the average size and speed of a web page in the past year.

The information released by Google Analytics showed that the average size of a web page had increased by 50 per cent in the last year. With quality content now a vital part of search engine optimisation, many businesses and individuals are clearly reacting by ensuring that natural content is prominent on their website.

Videos and images are a further reason for the growth of websites, with relevant content of this type highly important as part of Google's focus on quality. A further benefit is increased encouragement for users to interact and engage with content. In addition to organisations creating their own content, news services such as the BBC or CNN can rely on images captured by others, often receiving video of major incidents within moments of the event.

Access speed also growing

Access speed has also increased from both desktop and mobile devices, with the latter in particular showing vast improvements. The average increase in access speed from a mobile device was 30 per cent, with many webmasters realising the importance of a mobile friendly website. With 4G internet expected to be widely adopted in the UK in the coming years, continued improvements in access speed should be expected. There were also increases for desktop access speed, although these were fairly minimal.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword commented: "This data released by Google Analytics is extremely interesting, confirming the belief that mobile friendly websites are one of the most important considerations for a webmaster. As smartphones become the standard mobile device, this focus is likely to continue to grow, with access speeds and ease of use set to increase still further."