Groupon raises one billion dollars

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Fastest-Growing Company Ever

Groupon has announced that it secured $1 billion (£643 million) of investment following a recent financing round, which values the company at a massive $4.75 billion. The website, which launched in 2008, offers localised 'deal of the day' promotions to subscribers and has expanded rapidly since its inception, being dubbed "the fastest-growing company ever," by Forbes Magazine last year.

Initially covering only one city, Chicago, Groupon now serves markets throughout the world and has 35 million registered users. Their offers are available throughout Europe and North America, as well as South America and Asia. The announcement this week came in their typical relaxed style, the press release being headed, "Groupon raises, like, a billion dollars." The press release also goes on to state, "In the last year, Groupon has been called ... 'America