Google Trends gets upgrade

See what users have been searching for over the last month

Google Trends is a tool familiar to many users as a way of seeing which topics are generating the most interest online.

The search engine has now announced a series of improvements to this service, aimed at improving its design and presenting users with a greater variety of data.

Users can now use Hot Searches to discover everything that has attracted the attention of searchers over the past 30 days. This gives a quick overview of the biggest stories from the last month in the form of a photographic grid.

Hovering over an image will give you more information on that topic, as well as a flavour of what else was searched for on that day. This is currently supported in 13 countries, allowing UK users to see what was popular on our shores.

See what's trending now

A distinction has also been made between most popular searches and topics that are trending right now. Google outlined this difference in an official blog, in which it explained that while president Barack Obama is unlikely to be usurped as the most searched for politician overall with US users, world events frequently see other prominent names from around world gain a search surge.

For example, recent news in Syria has resulted in their president, Bashar al-Assad, experiencing more interest than normal. This principle can be applied to a vast array of topics, from pop stars to countries of the world.

This data has actually been available since May, and to access it users simply need to switch from the graph icon to the arrow icon at the top of their search list.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, said: "Users have always been intrigued by what other people are typing into Google, and these new features will help make it easier to gauge exactly what has been popular in recent weeks."