Google to buy .LOL domain

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Google diversifies the domain space

Google has applied for a number of different domain names including .LOL to experiment with the present domain space.

The search engine giant has submitted applications for domain names that fall under four categories. Google is set to expand the domain space to include top-level domains (TLDs) that contain the Google trademark and connect to its core business, such as .docs. During the Google domain name accrual, it has also applied for TLDs that could improve user experience along with unusual domains such as .LOL.

Why .LOL?

Google claims that by expanding its domain profile, it will be able to experiment with expanding the current domain environment. Not only will the test show how new TLDs fare against standard domains, but also it will demonstrate whether or not these newer ones can improve the browser's experience in any way.

Vint Cerf, chief internet evangelist at Google, said: "By opening up more choices for Internet domain names, we hope people will find options for more diverse--and perhaps shorter--signposts in cyberspace." Cerf suggested that such domains as .youtube will help to make it easier for internet browsers to identify Youtube Channels and videos.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, said: "It makes sense that Google is protecting itself by securing domains names associated with its brand. Yet, it will be interesting to see what happens with .LOL - Google must have a serious idea for the humorous domain name considering how much it costs to acquire a top level domain."