Google rolls out DNS service

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Google joins DNS sector

Google has launched its first public Domain Name System (DNS) resolver as part of ongoing efforts to speed up the web.

A vital component of web infrastructure, the DNS protocol is commonly described as the internet's phonebook. Basically, every time a user tries to access a website, their computer performs what is known as a DNS lookup. This is the process that converts text-based domain names like into numerical IP addresses like

Google Public DNS is the internet giant's first foray into handling these queries. It is a free DNS resolution service that has been rolled out worldwide, although performance will vary significantly according to location. Users that reconfigure their network settings will be able to perform all lookups using Google Public DNS instead of their existing provider.

Advantages of Google Public DNS

Google has outlined several benefits to its experimental service. These include faster page loads, enhanced protection against spoofing attacks and an end to the practice of blocking, filtering or redirecting users.

Moreover, the company has moved to dispel fears that it will use the browsing data elsewhere. The information will not be stored in the user's Google account or shared with other Google properties such as Search and AdWords. And it has stated that the browsing data will not be shared with external parties.

Prem Ramaswami, a member of the Google Public DNS team, said: "We believe that a faster DNS infrastructure could significantly improve the browsing experience for all web users. We plan to share what we learn from this experimental rollout of Google Public DNS with the broader web community and other DNS providers to improve the browsing experience."

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