Google reveals tablet with 3D camera

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June release for the experimental technology?

Google has announced it is developing a new kind of tablet: a cutting-edge design with advanced camera technology said to take pictures and record them in three dimensions.

With two back cameras, a 7-inch screen, and advanced sensors that can capture the precise three-dimensional image of objects, the new tablet is touted to be the most advanced of its kind.

In a Wall Street Journal Report, it is revealed that the company plans to release 4000 prototypes of the device next month.

The tablet comes under a development and research effort at Google known as Project Tango, in the progress of which the company has already released other prototype devices, and this includes a new smartphone in February that also uses the three-dimensional technology.

Do you know how to tango?

Reports have also raised concerns that Google still needs to find an adequate application of the technology in order to generate interest from consumers.

Yet interest in the technology is high, and can be seen in the same category as other products such as Occulus Rift. This is the VR headset recently acquired by Facebook which aims to allow its users to view a three-dimensional space through a computer headset.

It is as yet unknown exactly how such technology can be used. The head of research at Rutberg & Co., an investment bank focused on the wireless and digital-media industries, Rajeev Chand spoke with the Wall Street Journal about 3D mapping technology in general. "The technology is ahead of the applications" he said, but added he feels optimistic that the developers will catch up and the technologies catch on.

Adrian Mursec, head of development at theEword, said: "Google have this great reputation for both pushing themselves technologically and both expanding the kind of technology available to consumers. It may be a while until we see what exactly such 3D recording devices are capable of, but one thing is certain - they've captured our interest."