Google releases new Chrome Beta

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Google Chrome update

The new Google Chrome Beta release for version 17 of the browser will improve two of its core principles - speed and security.

Dominic Hamon, software engineer at Google Chrome stated that: "One of the things people like best about Chrome is that it loads web pages quickly." The latest Chrome update will help improve the fast loading time even further.

The Google Chrome update will use an auto-complete feature to help speed up searches. As a user types in a URL, Google Chrome will begin to load web pages in the background. If the URL then auto-completes to a site regularly visited by the searcher, the browser will prepare to load it. This will help to reduce loading time, and in some cases will result in web pages appearing instantly.

Making Google Chrome more secure

Within the new Beta release, Google Chrome will also be improving browser security. It will offer additional protection by detecting malicious websites and downloads and warning users to discard such files.

This emphasis upon speed and security suggests that Google Chrome is aiming to improve its user experience. According to StatCounter, Google Chrome gained more users than any other browser in 2011 and narrowly beat Firefox with 27 per cent of the market share. The recent updates suggest that Google Chrome is aiming to maintain its strong position within the market. Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword said: "The new Google Chrome update should help to sustain and improve the loyalty of its users by providing them with a quicker and safer place to search."