Google aiming to get 50 million Indian women online

Internet for India

Google is looking to help 50 million women in India to use the internet for the first time with the launch of its dedicated Helping Women Get Online (HWGO) website.

Currently just 30 per cent of the 200 million internet users in India are female, an imbalance that Google India MD Rajan Anandan is looking to redress with a range of support and guidance. Anandan believes that the internet is vital for empowering Indian women and that access to the web will allow many of the poorer women in Indian to transform their lives.

Speaking further on the subject, Anandan commented on the benefits he believed the internet would provide Indian women:

"Internet can help women achieve self esteem, express their views freely, open up new opportunities and help them to gain education. Our new campaign aims to bring 50 million women online in the next one year so that they can reap the benefits too."

Support and Guidance

The guidance on the HWGO website is divided into five categories:

  • Computer basics
  • Internet skills
  • Chat & email
  • Videos online
  • Language preferences

In addition to these support pages, users can also watch videos telling the story of how the internet has had a positive impact on the lives of a number of Indian women. With internet usage in India expected to rise by at least 60 million this year, Google is hoping for many more success stories in the near future.

Rachel Hand, head of content at theEword, commented: "The internet has had a tremendous impact on the lives of countless people around the world, and now Google is clearly hoping this positive influence will spread to India. Only time will tell whether the target of 50 million additional women going online will be reached, but this is certainly a positive step."