Flappy Bird maker kills off creation

By James Riches topicIcon Internet News

Inventor says game "ruins my simple life"

The maker of new mobile gaming craze Flappy Bird has removed the title from app stores, telling users: "I cannot take this anymore".

In a series of tweets, Vietnamese independent game maker Dong Nguyen explained that, while he was making upwards of $50,000 a day from his game, the furore it had created "ruins my simple life".

He added that there were no legal reasons behind the game's sudden demise, and said he was not interested in selling Flappy Bird.

The title had topped charts on Android and iOS devices, with players swamping social media with comments on the game's difficulty. Players had to guide a small bird through a series of pipes, a simple premise that proved to be frustratingly difficult in its execution.

Some users reported breaking their devices due to hours of feverish playing, while others criticised the game for its visual similarity to Nintendo's Mario franchise.

It is not the first time mobile games have hit the headlines in recent weeks, with Angry Birds finding itself embroiled in controversy last month after allegations user data was accessed by America's National Security Agency (NSA).

Users react to Flappy Bird's demise

When Mr Nguyen announced his decision to remove the game in 24 hours, many players speculated that it may be a marketing ploy, and that once people had rushed to download Flappy Bird he may have a change of heart.

This has proved incorrect, and the game is now gone. This has prompted some users who already possessed the game to try and sell their devices for hefty sums to those who missed out.

Since Flappy Bird flew its last, its place in the gaming ranking has been taken by an almost identical game called 'Ironpants', in which players have to navigate a flying superhero through a series of crates.

Adrian Mursec, head of development at theEword, said: "The gaming community is known for getting quite fanatical about new fads, and Flappy Bird certainly captured the imagination. Whether it returns or not, its place as a cult hit is secure, and players will no doubt continue to debate its merits until the next craze comes along."