FCC favours net neutrality

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The next twist in net neutrality

The FCC recently altered its regulations regarding internet traffic in an attempt to provide consumers with unbiased access to the internet.

A new government-initiated policy set up by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) aims to protect the flow of internet traffic. It endeavours to keep net neutrality intact, so that people have unbiased internet access. The FFC rule change will prevent fixed-line broadband companies from selecting certain legal content to block or prioritise.

It has previously been the case that people could pay certain broadband companies in exchange for delivering their content faster to consumers. This meant that non-paying organisations could risk being left behind.

Mark Baker, online marketing manager at theEword, stated: "The notion of net neutrality has sparked a lengthy debate. While some people believe that providing impartial internet access is necessary, it has also been said that showcasing the best websites for an individual search is more essential."

Leniency for mobile networks

While fixed-line broadband companies will undergo a strict rule change during the next two months, the FCC is being more lenient with mobile networks. Phone companies cannot block applications that compete with their services, but they are able to manage traffic so that the small systems are not overwhelmed.

However Verizon, the largest US mobile phone company, wishes to challenge these changes due to its belief that they are unnecessary. A Verizon news release stated: "Verizon is fully committed to an open internet. We are deeply concerned by the FCC's assertion of broad authority to impose potentially sweeping and unneeded regulations on broadband networks and services and on the internet itself."