How Pokémon Go can benefit your Local Business.

It’s an understatement to say that Pokémon GO is popular at the moment; the app is trending worldwide and has become one of the top grossing apps since launch. It’s been downloaded more than Tinder and the active daily users are closing in to the same amount as Twitter. This app is as huge as a Wailord.

Pokemon search

However, did you know that Pokémon GO can also help your local business? This huge phenomenon uses GPS and maps to hunt and catch Pokémon, but the other aspects of the game could bring massive amounts of footfall to your business.

The game is focused on one thing and one thing alone, catching Pokémon, but to do so, you need to walk around towns and cities. However, to catch Pokémon you need Pokéballs, and that’s where Pokéstops come in.


Pokéstops are areas/ monuments around town and cities where you need to walk to in order to get free items and experience, pretty cool right? Not as cool as this though, there is an item in the game called a Lure Module which draws in Pokémon to that location. If you have a local business such as a cafe, travel agent, restaurant, shop…etc then you can really get some benefit out of it, as a stop nearby will help draw in people playing the game.

If you’re ready to evolve your local search presence, here’s a handy list of tips and tricks to that will help you get the most out of this latest craze:

1. Gotta’ verify them all

If you don’t have a Google My Business profile set up for your restaurant, cafe, etc. get one set up. To do this, you need to submit your business information and wait for a PIN code to arrive through the post. Once that arrives and is entered, your business will be on Google Maps.

2. Where is your nearest Pokéstop?

Do you have one near you? If so then it would be worth buying some Lure Modules, this tells players that Pokémon are appearing more often in the area and can bring people to your business.


3. Pokédiscounts & offers

Offer an incentive. Come up with a special offer for players to Pokémon GO, you can even be creative and decide what the offer is depending on their level. An example of this could be levels 1-5 gets a free drink with their meal, Levels 6-8 get a free side… etc. Not only will this help draw customers in, it’s something extremely shareable on social media (think of the user-generated content) and there’s no doubt people will be talking about it.

4. “I want to be the very best”

Of course with visitors come reviews; ask them to review their experience at your business on Google+, Yell, Facebook, TripAdvisor..etc. This not only helps word of mouth again but helps your visibility in Google Local: One of the main aspects of a local campaign are the reviews.

5. Promote on social

If you want to, use Lures on certain days or even announce to regulars that a rare Pokémon is nearby in the area (you can see nearby Pokémon on the app). It will make people more regular to the area and even schedule meet up groups.

Good luck and all the best to the new Pokémon business experience – now go catch ‘em all!

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