Google announces display ad revolution

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Google brings search model to display

Google is bringing real-time auctions to its display ads in a move that could greatly increase demand for well-designed content.

The new DoubleClick Ad Exchange enables advertisers and marketing agencies to bid for display ad space on the websites of thousands of online publishers. It means that videos, images and interactive ads can now be targeted more accurately at browsers through a real-time auction, similar to the process already in place for paid search.

Agencies will be able to use their existing Google AdWords interface to run ads on the platform, while publishers on Google AdSense can use the exchange to sell ad space. Neal Mohan, vice president of product management at Google, said that implementation of the new system "can help grow the display advertising pie and benefit everyone".

He added: "The Ad Exchange enables display ads and ad space to be allocated much more efficiently. This improves returns for advertisers and enables publishers to get the most value out of their online content."

Google confirms new tracking tools

At the same time, Mr Mohan revealed the company was in the process of developing new tools to track display campaigns. He said they would enable advertisers and marketing agencies to measure and report on the performance of display ads more effectively, although he declined to give a timetable for their introduction.

Google has also proposed radical changes to paid search recently.

During a keynote presentation at Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2009, Google AdWords' business product management director Nick Fox predicted that PPC could move away from keywords in the next five to ten years.