An augmented reality for Eminem

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'World first' for Slim Shady

Eminem augments reality with a unique new feature on his UK website.

To mark the launch of his number one album Relapse, the US rapper's site has a competition page that taps into the current digital phenomenon.

AR combines real-world and computer-generated data.

Eminem's online AR talent competition does this by giving aspiring designers the opportunity to create and experience online virtual art.

To enter, users must log on to the Relapse site, download and print out an 'E' logo. After placing it in front of a web camera, they can customise a 3D 'E' on screen by utilising the site's design tools.

The AR competition has been designed and built by London-based digital communication company Outside Line. Its team blogged that they're "pretty sure" the feature is a world first.

AR being developed for the future

Entries are being accepted for round two of the competition, which is run by Universal Music. 'Amazing' prizes are said to be on offer over the next month. Already, one winner has travelled to Detroit for a special Eminem album launch event.

AR is currently concentrated on digitally processed live video imagery, such as the Eminem competition. It is also available on mobile phones too.

Future AR applications are expected to be developed, including expanding a PC screen into the real environment. This operates by program windows and icons appearing as virtual devices in real space; they are operated by gazing or pointing.

Watch here to find out how to enter the Eminem AR competition:

Eminem Augmented Reality Screencast from Outside Line on Vimeo.