Commercial copywriters given ad pointers

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Optimising commercial copy for ROI

Commercial copywriters can radically improve returns on investment (ROI) by making simple changes to ad campaigns, it has been suggested.

Frank Findley is vice president of research at offline and online marketing intelligence provider ARSgroup. In an article for marketing blog comScore Voices, he revealed that in-house research shows advertising creative is four times more important than adspend when it comes to influencing sales outcomes. And he gave commercial copywriters a list of four ad creative optimisation tips that he believed would lead to more effective ads.

Quantifying benefits and multiple executions

Firstly, Mr Findley said that quantifying benefits was extremely important for ROI. Examples include writing "20 per cent lower prices" instead of "lower prices" and providing coverage maps to reassure potential customers that they can use the service on offer.

Secondly, he suggested that complex messages are best delivered in ad campaigns with multiple executions, allowing commercial copywriters to deliver the message through a series of snippets. So, for instance, a company can highlight its commitment to sustainability by producing a series of separate ads focused on waste reduction, energy efficiency and plant emissions.

Emotional attachment and brand placement

Thirdly, commercial copywriters have been urged to engage prospective buyers emotionally as well as rationally. For example, he proposed that rich media platforms are a good way to create a personal bond with a brand while cost-per-thousand formats are ideally suited to delivering factual messages.

Finally, Mr Findley said that the ad creative must be linked to the brand. One such example is that a brand is positioned as the hero of an ad campaign.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is responsible for policing the content of ads in many sectors, including print, TV, radio and certain digital marketing disciplines. Last month, an ASA spokesman said that talks aimed at extending the ASA's remit online were "very advanced".