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theEword SEO Manchester AcademytheEword copywriter Tom Mason explains why it is sometimes better to time your Twitter updates.

Maintaining a social media campaign, particularly on Twitter, can be a time-consuming process. The best Twitter campaigns are those which consistently engage the audience, providing updates and relevant information on a regular basis. In order to reach consumers, and make the right impact, an account needs to be in regular contact with its audience.

Many social media strategies utilise scheduling software to keep in touch with their followers. Scheduling is the process of queuing up tweets on a particular program. This allows them to be posted automatically at a date and time specified by you in advance.

There are a number of advantages to this tactic. Primarily, scheduling allows users the opportunity to broadcast a series of messages without having to actively post them live. This method ensures that a Twitter account can be programmed to send out updates at a frequent pace.

Obviously, this method is more suited for broadcasting information, rather than interacting with fellow users; the benchmark of any successful Twitter campaign. Still, if you are conscious that your social media strategy is too disjointed, scheduling may be just the right approach.

Here are two sites which you can use to schedule Twitter updates:


Currently in beta testing, Twuffer is a simple-to-use application designed for those who want to schedule updates from a single account. Using their Twitter login, users can access the site directly from the web. Furthermore, a blocky and clear interface makes it simple to operate.

Still, hardcore social media users may find the site a little too basic, while tweets can only be scheduled at an hourly rate.


Simple to use interface
Easy on the eye
Clear and transparent


Can only schedule updates on an hourly basis
No multiple account functionality


While it has recently been upgraded to include Facebook and LinkedIn capability, Hootsuite's original purpose was to provide users with the opportunity to update multiple accounts on Twitter. Indeed, the software quickly gained a reputation for offering a complete social media management experience.

With Hootsuite, users can schedule their tweets across a number of different Twitter profiles. Updates can be set to occur every five minutes and all pending tweets appear in chronological order in an individual column.

Hootsuite also offers a comprehensive analytical service. While this may be somewhat complicated for new users, experienced tweeters will find themselves sucked in by the sheer amount of data – such as number of link clicks – available.


Manage a number of different Twitter accounts simultaneously
Schedule tweets to within five minutes
Breadth of statistical data


Can become confusing if dealing with a number of different accounts
May be too intimidating for newer Twitter users

Universal coverage

These sites offer Twitter users of all experience the chance to take advantage of scheduling. This feature can give an account guaranteed coverage – as opposed to if-and-when updating which can occur if due diligence isn't afforded during a social media campaign.

At theEword, we specialise in offering engaging, informative and entertaining social media campaigns. Ensuring around-the-clock coverage is just one small part of this. Contact theEword today to discover more.