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From attractions to venues to locations, we generate outstanding results for our B2B clients. Our sector knowledge gives you an edge.

We help you generate more leads

We manage your marketing strategy from the initial Awareness stage, through to the final Action stage.

We discover your ideal customers, we create campaigns to engage them and we manage the retargeting and email automation that moves people through to a booking or reservation.

B2B campaigns have long buying cycles. We create assets, emails and messaging that guide customers through the process, eliminating the periods when individuals can become disenfranchised or forget about your business.

That means more customers become leads, and then sales, and they move through the stages at a faster pace.

We reduce your cost per lead

We use advanced targeting so that our marketing campaigns reach people who are highly likely to convert. This increases your conversion rate, and lowers your cost per lead.

By deploying re-targeting campaigns we can then re-engage with individuals who were close to converting, and reduce your cost per lead further.

Our campaigns are built around the discovery work that we carry out as the first stage of working together. By gaining a deep understanding of your scheme, and then the individuals who are likely to buy from you, we're maximising the return from your marketing campaigns.

We make more of your marketing spend

Using advanced targeting and messaging means that your budget will go further. Your goal isn't to spend your budget, or to reach a certain number of potential customers, it's to hit a target of leads and sales.

We create deep buyer personas, map out the content and messaging that they will engage with, and then use multi-layered targeting to increase awareness of your business.

The end result is a marketing strategy that reaches those that are highly likely to convert.

We integrate with your team and agents

We'll build a strong relationship with you, your team, stakeholders and your sales agents. By ensuring that insight and knowledge flow between all the parties we're able to create even better campaigns.

We take part in all key meetings, and create a feedback loop between ourselves and the team who close sales.

Our reporting process is customised to your requirements. Our reporting systems allow near-realtime feedback on campaign and lead data, and we're able to integrate our data-sets with your CRM.
"theEword has been a godsend for our sales. Their PPC campaigns make up 18.77% of our total revenue, and we can just leave them to it because they’re proactive and they use their initiative.."

Chris Wilson, AB Parking

B2B clients we've supported.

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Why we're different.

Discovering who your customers really are makes the difference between a good campaign and a great campaign.

Before we start creating your digital strategy we build your audience profiles, content pillars and buyer journeys through our deep discovery processes. You'll learn more about your targets and we'll create and execute on a digital marketing strategy that's laser focussed.

And that's what makes us different. We create better campaigns by building deeper insights which leads to great results.

Insight & Data

We help you make sense of all of your data. We turn disparate data sources into readable reports and understandable insight. That means you, your team and the stakeholders can understand performance easily.


Your digital strategy is deployed across the paid and natural channels that your audiences exist on. The right channels, with the right messaging, at the right time. All created to align with your audience profiles and buyer journeys, and to deliver great results.


Success comes from hard work. From our focus on deep-discovery to our internal processes and the team we create around your projects, delivering high-performing campaigns is what we do.

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