Analytics and Tag Management.

Make more informed decisions and prove the success of your work with better tracking High-performing campaigns require a trustworthy analytics stack. If there are gaps in visitor and behavioural data, it will be more difficult for you to get key decisions right. And you might even be missing out on reporting wins.

Our Expertise.

Tired of not having the right management information to hand? Worried about how long it takes to get data when senior stakeholders request it? These are common concerns, which is why we’ve developed an exhaustive analytics and tag management solution designed around your needs. No gaps, no lags - just good, clean, actionable data.

We work with you to build accurate and reliable analytics stacks, from auditing and optimising your existing set-up, to creating new solutions from scratch. We'll fit in around you and your needs, and a Google Analytics-qualified professional will help you find the best solution.

When your tracking is watertight, it means your reporting is more complete. Make sure you're not missing out on claiming any of the results of your good work. Get an analytics solution that is geared towards demonstrating success and finding ways to build on it.

We Know Analytics And Tag Management.

We know the pressures our clients face when it comes to the accuracy of tracking and reporting. We've built an analytics solution around your needs, giving timely access to the most accurate and actionable data.

We're experts in data and analytics

As well as being certified in Google Analytics and other leading analytics platforms, our teams have years of experience in building, monitoring and optimising analytics stacks, from the basic to the staggeringly complex, across all types of projects and campaigns.

We've become experts in data and analytics, so much so that we’ve even incubated other data software products at our lab. Few other digital agencies have the understanding we have, let alone put it to use the way we do.

By choosing to work with theEword, you're choosing a partner who truly understands how data works and how it can be used to supercharge campaign performance.

Demonstrate results with more accurate tracking

It’s simple: if you have gaps in your digital tracking, you are not getting the full picture of your digital performance. What’s worse, it becomes harder to show the impact of your own work. If you have incomplete or inaccurate tracking, you will not get the correct credit for the results generated. This is particularly frustrating when you know you're doing good work, but the tracking isn't there to prove it. We've used our years of experience in working with partners like you to develop a tracking and reporting solution that prioritises the most relevant and actionable data, leaving no gaps in the information you need. We know that clients have a choice in the agencies they choose and we work to repay your choice to partner with us by using our tracking and analytics solution to identify and report as many as examples of success as we can find, giving you access to a whole new set of data points and advice on how to communicate them internally.

Real expertise and a safe pair of hands

All of our data experts have worked on marketing campaigns like yours before, both on the agency side and sitting in your seat. This helps us to effectively communicate our actions and advice in terms you'll understand and that will make your life easier.

It also means data is mined with context: we don’t look at any stat in isolation, instead we interrogate it to see what it can tell us about current performance - and future success.

You can entrust the whole solution to us - ideal if you're not technically minded - and feel safe in the knowledge that a data expert who truly understands your challenges will build the right solution, delivering full access to the sort of data that will supercharge success.

Actionable data that feeds into future performance

We don't just see reporting as the full stop on the end of a campaign; it’s a living, breathing part of our process that enables us to drive continual, iterative improvements to the marketing projects we work on.

We’ve prioritised the tracking and reporting of digital marketing’s most actionable data points, making it quick and easy for our team to make decisions informing future tactics and performance. If we see something in the data that’s performing strongly, we'll work quickly to replicate and amplify that success.

We take the time to reflect on and analyse previous performance, feeding the insights we gain into even more successful ideas and tactics.

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