Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution

The challenge

In March 2014, defibshop asked us to devise a digital-marketing strategy that would considerably improve the search visibility of the website and, more importantly, it's total number of ecommerce conversions.

Key Objectives

Bring relevant traffic to the site, especially through organic search.
Significantly increase the revenue from digital channels.
Make PPC campaigns more profitable.

Our approach

With a mixture of onsite optimisation, onsite blogging, creative assets, guest-posting, PR outreach, and PPC advertising, we are putting the defibshop brand in front of its various target audiences at each of the three stages of the buyer’s journey: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

As with all clients, our first port of call was to make the website’s fixed content as reader-friendly and search-optimised as possible. Meanwhile, we also began to write onsite blogs and outreach to other publications with articles related to heart-health and workplace health-and-safety (among other topics).


Increasing traffic through search optimisation

Content Marketing

Creating engaging content that drives awareness and traffic

Paid Social

Driving visitors through paid social channels

Google Ads

Driving traffic through Google Ads

Our results

With precise targeting and concise copywriting, we delivered a 522% return on ad spend, which included a 102% increase PPC traffic from mobile devices.

For their first Black Friday sale, our campaigns enjoyed a 64% year-on-year increase in revenue.


Rise in digital revenue


Return on PPC ad spend


Growth in overall traffic

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