Google adds 'call-only' option to AdWords

By Dan Moores topicIcon SEO, Google, Mobile Marketing, PPC

Google has introduced a 'call-only' option to AdWords. These adverts can be added to advertisers' existing campaigns, or they can launch a call-only campaign.

When a Google user clicks on a call-only ad on their mobile phone, it dials the phone number displayed – instead of taking the user to the advertiser's website. The advertiser's URL still appears on the ad, but just for branding purposes – as the intention of call-only ads is of course to encourage a phone call.

As with all the existing AdWords options, the performance of call-only ads can be tracked and monitored, so advertisers will see fairly soon whether or not call-only works for their business.

Encouraging calls rather than site visits

The call-only option has been added for the benefit of advertisers who rely heavily on calls for their conversions, and could also prove useful to websites without online enquiry forms.

It could also prove more effective for customers who wish to make enquiries while on the move or on a mobile device, as clicking to make a call requires less effort than visiting a landing page and filling in an online enquiry form.

It has also been noted that call-only ads could provide a temporary solution for advertisers who do not yet have mobile-friendly landing pages. Since November last year, Google has warned that websites which are not optimised for use on mobile devices will not rank well on mobile search results.

According to Statcounter, 37.6% of worldwide searches were done on mobile devices and tablets, so it is crucial that advertisers tailor their campaigns to capture this portion of the market.

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