Paid Social.

Impactful in-feed advertising that gets noticed and drives down CPAs Promoting relevant content and ads in people's social media feeds is a great way of building awareness - and conversions. Think how powerful the results could be if you work with an agency that lives and breathes audiences.

Our Expertise.

The world of social media revolves around audiences: different sets of people, grouped together by common characteristics such as their age or location. As an agency which puts audience discovery and profiling first, we've learned how best to deliver social success for clients.

Successful paid social advertising relies on showing the right messages, to the right groups of people, at just the right time. How can you expect to do this if you haven't spent the time getting to know them? Too many suppliers think it’s a case of uploading some Facebook ads and hoping for the best. Not us.

We have a proprietary approach to feeding the results of discovery into the audience-build phase, communicating all of the little details that might be the difference between success and game-changing success.

We Know Paid Social.

We were early adopters of paid social advertising, seeing the channel as a natural extension of paid media. Our clients benefit from the supercharged results we deliver by building on our years of experience.

We're social media natives

theEword was founded in 2006, meaning it has grown and developed alongside social media over the past decade and a half. As a digital agency first and foremost, social media has always been a key part of what we do for clients.

Why does this matter? Well, it makes us social media natives: a group of people who grew up with social media. Our teams use social every day in their personal and professional lives; it’s second nature to them. This means you benefit from working with people who really know their Stories from their Reels and who will work to bolster your understanding too.

Outstanding CPAs at all stages of the funnel

Did we tell you about the time one of our awareness campaigns hit a CPA of 4p? It is quite literally a small price to pay for growing your audience by topping it up with people who are likely to become customers of your business. And it’s small because we made it that way.

Our obsessions with optimising audiences, adverts and other tactics means we are constantly working to drive down client CPAs - at all stages of the funnel. So whether it’s an awareness-stage acquisition or the profitable conversion of a sale, we'll do everything we can to come in under your cost target.

Audiences come first with our approach

Few digital agencies put as much emphasis on audience discovery and profiling as we do. We see understanding buyers, how they behave online, and what messages make them tick, as an integral part of delivering success on paid social.

Before we start any project, we create detailed customer personas based on the people who buy from your business, which are used to inform content and ads after that. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to successfully engaging different demographics.

Paid social is even more powerful when you build specific audiences and hit them with timely sales messaging. Work with an agency who does this as standard.

Sponsored content of unparalleled quality

Content is an integral part of our approach, so it’s no surprise we were one of the first agencies to get to grips with the opportunities provided by sponsored social content. This is where we push your branded content into the feeds of people likely to be interested.

It goes without saying that first impressions here are vital, which is why all of our sponsored content - whether it’s an article, video, download or other media - is produced by the same team of experienced copywriters and journalists who work on the rest of your content.

Quality is assured, so your brand will never make a bad impression on social media.

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