Natural Search (SEO).

Boosted appearance in organic search results, driving more visitors and lowering your campaign CPAs The more customers you acquire from organic search, the lower your overall cost per acquisition falls. Our campaigns make that happen.

Our Expertise.

We've been working at the cutting edge of commercial SEO for more than a decade and a half, delivering hugely profitable organic search campaigns for leading UK and international brands.

We've used that time and experience to create our own distinct approach to SEO, comprising a fine balance of technical optimisation and high quality content production and distribution. Working with theEword gives you access to our playbook of tried and tested tactics, which we'll tailor to your specific needs.

Our audience-first, data-driven approach to SEO prioritises human customers over search engine robots and is delivered by a team of technical experts and experienced journalists and copywriters, so brand communications are never compromised in the pursuit of organic search success.

We Know Natural Search (SEO).

We've been trusted to run SEO campaigns for some of the UK’s biggest brands across domestic and international property, leisure and lifestyle markets. Become a client and you'll understand why: tight processes, run by experienced specialists, resulting in more conversions from organic search.

We know SEO like the backs of our hands

Our founder first worked in SEO over 20 years ago and has used that experience to turn theEword into an agency obsessed with optimisation and generating results.

SEO is a technical discipline that benefits from passionate practitioners: people who stay abreast of search engine changes and constantly refine their work. We've assembled the best algorithm-watchers and techies, putting their passion to use on client campaigns.

Our SEO specialists follow a meticulous process geared towards boosting your visibility in search results. With one eye on Google and two hands on your website, you can trust our team to look after your site and drive continual improvements to its SEO visibility.

Our content is written by trained journalists

You know how it goes - content is king - but how often have you encountered SEO copy that simply doesn't read well? Chances are, more than once.

We've created a process for the production of SEO content that prioritises human readers over search engine robots. No one wants to read poorly constructed copy stuffed full of keywords, and you don't want that kind of content representing your brand.

Our SEO copywriting team includes experienced journalists and copywriters who have written for leading national publications and brands, so quality is assured. Search visibility is important, but so is brand equity; our quality-first process benefits both.

We tie it all back to commercial performance

As an owner-led business, we have an innate understanding and appreciation of the importance of commercial results. Our team of experienced marketing professionals have worked both client and agency-side for some of the UK’s biggest brands: they understand your challenges.

One of our agency’s founding principles was commercial mindedness, and this runs through our work to this day. We don't report on minor fluctuations in rankings; we use your management data to demonstrate tangible commercial results.

Ultimately, we know that our performance is judged not on the optimisation of technical SEO metrics, but on our contribution to your bottom line. We keep this in mind in all the work that we do, ensuring your top priority is always ours too.

We make SEO easy to understand

Let us be clear: SEO should not be seen as a dark and mysterious art form, nor should the service be sold to you in that way. If you've met SEO agencies who have blinded you with science and jargon, you'll understand how frustrating it can be.

For more than a decade, We've been on a mission to make SEO understandable, and to bring that understanding to a wider business audience. No one feels these efforts more than our clients. No matter what your level of SEO knowledge, after a short time working with us you will have a better grasp than ever before.

We also bolster our reporting with explainer content, which is useful for sharing with senior project stakeholders. We see supporting you and helping your colleagues to understand what we're doing as a natural extension of our work.

We've trained businesses in partnership with Googl

SEO training is top of many marketing teams' wishlists, which is why we provide tailored training, as and where required, for all of our clients. We see transparency and shared understanding as central to a successful relationship, which is why we go further than others in this regard.

We've been delivering SEO training 2009, often in partnership with Google and other industry bodies. Over the years we have trained almost 10,000 individuals in the UK and overseas, making our trainers some of the best in the business. You'll be learning not just from a technical specialist, but an expert communicator who understands business.

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