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You only know half of your weak-points. A full, deep digital audit will expose the weaknesses in your digital footprint, and help you prioritise those that will lead to meaningful change

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Improving your marketing starts with understanding your landscape. What have you deployed, and how well has that worked? How do you compare to your competitors and peers? Using an agency to review your digital strengths and weaknesses gives you an unbiased analysis.

We start by reviewing the competitive landscape and scoring your business in key areas such as natural search, social, and paid. As we see competitors strengths we'll highlight them within our final digital audit report. We'll also deep-drive into your metrics to understand the opportunities and threats, not just for today but also looking at the trends for each metric to highlight KPIs that are declining.

Our digital audits are delivered in an easy to digest report that can be understood by everyone within the business, backed up by an interactive presentation where our team and our clients team can go through the findings in detail.

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