AB Parking.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution

The challenge

AB Parking enlisted our help to maximise revenue for their PPC campaigns. Their business is simple: they are based in Southampton and they sell secure parking to holidaymakers who are going on cruise ships.

Key Objectives

Increase the volume of leads – with a focus on the Summer season
Reduce the cost per conversion, and simultaneously increase the enquiry rate
Encourage conversions from users who have already visited the website

Our approach

AB Parking had not run paid media campaigns, which allowed us to quickly build a complex set of campaigns and ad groups from scratch. As the client had limited paid media knowledge we spent time with them training them up on our approach, and how to get the best out of paid media. We built optimised landing pages that were specific for keyword groups, improving both the user experience and the coversion rate. We used location and audience filtering to target the groups who were the most likely to convert.

Google Ads

Driving traffic through Google Ads

Paid Media

Generating traffic through paid media

Our results

In a four month period we generated over £300,000 of revenue from a four-figure ad budget, driving over 4,000 new sales to the AB Parking website. Chris Wilson, Head of Business Improvement at AB Parking, said: “theEword has been a godsend for our sales. Their PPC campaigns make up 18.77% of our total revenue, and we can just leave them to it because they’re proactive and they use their initiative.”


Revenue Generated


Sales Volume


Return on PPC Ad spend

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