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SEO Manchester Weekly WrapRock the vote

The Conservatives are set to become the first UK political party to advertise on the popular music software Spotify. The adverts, which will feature party chairman Eric Pickles, aim to highlight the personal cost of Britain's multi-billion pound deficit.

The advert will be targeted at younger voters in an attempt to encourage youth participation come the general election in May, 2010. The ad is set to play between current chart songs.

Spotify, which boast over one million users worldwide gives individuals the opportunity to immediately listen to any song from its 92,811 track collection (it would take 34 years to listen to every song).
Premium Spotify members – who pay just £9.99 per month to listen to an advert-free service – will sadly miss out on the calming Yorkshire tones of Eric Pickles.

theEword waves hello to Google Wave

The copywriting team at theEword found themselves the centre of attention this week as one of its writers received an invite to try out the new Google Wave application. The news of access to the social-media software quickly filtered around the office and drew a crowd eager to see if the product lived up to the hype. You can read Tom Mason's report on the latest kit from Google Labs on theEword SEO Manchester blog.

Social gathering

Social media marketing may become considerably more interesting after Twitter announced it was launching its own brand of wines.
The micro-blogging service is to begin selling a Pinot Noir and a Chardonnay in partnership with Room to Read, an American charity which aims to improve literacy rates in third-world countries.
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone reveals the initiative in the YouTube video below:

Deal or no deal

Channel 4 has shook hands with YouTube to make its programmes available on the video website. The new arrangement will see a range of Channel 4 shows – such as Teachers and Peep Show – be made available on the video-sharing site. Full program series will be available, although each video will include advertising.

G-shaped recession

The recession is over. At least, according to Google. The search engine giant ambivalently batted away any fears over financial armageddon as it posted its highest quarterly net profit compared to last year. 27 per cent growth, if you're interested. The company also boasted a seven per cent rise in revenue during the third quarter.

Chief executive Eric Schmidt celebrated the news by revealing that Google was planning to make a range of 'strategic acquisitions, both large and small'.