theEword appoints new online marketing manager

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It may be autumn (and by the feel of it outside, not far from winter) but here at theEword we’re blooming like a well-fed Azalea in spring. We’ve bolstered our team to reflect the growth of our operation, taking on three new members in a month.

We’ll be introducing you to our latest recruits over the coming days, starting today with Mark Baker (pictured right), our new online marketing manager.

Mark joined theEword earlier this month, taking over the management of our PPC and SEO projects. He brings with him 4 years’ experience in online marketing and ecommerce. Qualified to the hilt (he’s IDM-certified and holds a Google AdWords exam award, among other things), Mark is a great asset to the team.

We fired some questions at him in the hope of learning more:

Hello Mark

What is your favourite website?

What was the last amazing advert you saw?
Probably the one for Cillit Bang, with the shouty guy – BANG and the dirt is gone, apparently...

Tell us the worst job you’ve ever had
Bar Supervisor

Which Formula 1 team do you support?

What is your favourite genre of popular music?

Outside of work, what has been your greatest achievement?
Playing in a band at Glastonbury

Smoothies – what’s your flavour?
Guava, mango and Goji berries

Favourite TV show
The Contender

From this we can deduce that Mark enjoys the finer smoothies in life, likes indie music and programmes where people hit each other but doesn’t care for Formula 1. Stay tuned for more introductions soon.