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theEword SEO - Manchester digital agencyBing not a good sharer

Bing, Microsoft's search engine, has seen its market share decline for the first time since its launch in June 2009.

According to user data from StatCounter, Bing's share of US browsers fell from 9.64 per cent in August to 8.51 during September.

Globally, Bing's share dropped to 3.25 per cent from 3.58 per cent.

"The trend has been downwards for Bing since mid August," said Aodhan Cullen from StatCounter.

"The wheels haven't fallen off but the underlying trend must be a little worrying for Microsoft."

Slim filters for Google

Google introduced a host of new search filters for users. Browsers can now filter pages in a number of new ways, including searches for results indexed in the past hour and those logged between specific dates. Users also have the option to omit sites from results which have previously been visited.

A statement on the official Google blog read:

"In May, we launched Search Options, a side panel that lets you filter, refine and generate different views of your search results. We've received lots of positive feedback, and we're seeing more and more people using Search Options every day."

In other Google news, 100,000 lucky users were the first to experience Google Wave this week as the search engine giant sent out beta invitations to use the hotly anticipated social media application.

Google Wave is a real-time communication platform which allows users to chat, email, instant message and share documents and files.

Ben Parr, editor of popular social media site Mashable, said that users finally had the opportunity to judge the programme on its own merits.

He commented: "Google’s been working non-stop to prep Wave for its debut. Now we’ll find out if Google Wave will change the web as we know it, or if it’s all hype."

Video nation

Data from comScore has revealed that US users watched more than 25 billion videos online in August - the highest monthly total ever recorded by the company.
The survey showed the average online viewer watched 9.7 hours of multimedia content. It was found that nearly 10 billion videos were watched on YouTube, while over 44.9 million viewers watched content on MySpace.

Objection @yourhonour

One unfortunate Twitter user is set to receive an injunction via the service after the UK High Court approved a request from an aggrieved account holder.

The order is to be served against a Twitter user who posts under the same name as a UK blogger. The injunction requests the fake account stops posing as Donal Blaney, the writer responsible for political blog Blaney's Blarney.

It is thought to be the first time a court order has been administered through the social media service.

The fake user will be sent a message which contains a link to the full court order. No word on whether the link will be in or format.