The very first Eworkshop

By Kleon West topicIcon Apple, Weekly Wrap

For many organisations, SEO has always been a bit of a grey area. It’s a practice that countless people would love to learn to utilise, and it draws a lot of questions whenever it's talked about. This is what inspired the SEO workshops: theEword saw a big question mark, and wanted to provide the answers to businesses looking to learn how to generate traffic to their websites.

With over 12 years of commercial SEO experience we felt we were expertly placed to deliver workshops where attendees could gain real insight. Our continued commitment to knowledge sharing and our open door policy as an agency made us want to invite businesses to come and learn.

This week we held our first ever session, appropriately placed within global entrepreneurship week. This week has been all about support and inspiration to help organisations to fulfil their entrepreneurial potential. Learning how to get visitors which you can then convert into sales is one of the most important parts of business development. The generation of income through SEO strategy is what sets us apart from other agencies.

The session included lots of information and useful tips on how organisations could go out there and start generating visitors to their sites. It also included activities to get attendees interacting and talking about SEO. For one of the activities, we chose an organisation in attendance and carried out a keyword thought shower to give them insight into targeting a potential new audience. Everyone in the group took part and we ended up with a great list of keywords, that the organisation took away to help them focus on building up a greater audience reach.

Another hit on the day was theEword pass the parcel SEO game, which as well as bringing back some childhood nostalgia, allowed open debate on link building within an SEO strategy. This game brought a lot of fun to the training sessions and gave some attendees a chance to play a game they have never tried before. With coffee and croissants to keep us going, everyone was really receptive and eager to get involved on the day. The feedback was brilliant – comments after the event described it as “great”, a “very good refresher” and even “genius”. The great atmosphere has inspired us to keep running these sessions throughout December.